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Earthing Half Sheet EU – LARGE 240 x 90 cm – grounding sheet – grounding sheet – cotton sheets with silver threads for healthy sleep with 2 elastic suspenders and EU Schuko Adapter


Selling in Europe

The Earthing Half Sheet EU is the same product like the earthing grounding half sheet. Just the Earthing Half Sheet EU have a adapter for european electrical outlets (Not for UK) By Clicking on add to cart button you will be guided to the correct european marketplace depending on your location.

This bed sheet is identical to the earthing grounding half sheet but developed for the European market. In addition to the usual cotton bed sheet, it also has an adapter for the European market. so the grounding sheet for earthing is suitable for countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and all other countries that use Type-C sockets.

The grounding sheets for earthing are great for sleeping on. Thanks to the bed stretchers, the sheets cannot slip and ensure a wrinkle-free sleep.

Convince yourself of the pleasant grounding provided by our grounding sheets and provide your body with sufficient and beneficial grounding.

Grounding sheet for earthing and our ancestors

Who hasn’t thought about what it’s like to sleep right on the floor? Our ancestors did this very often and were always grounded by it. When our ancestors slept on the ground around a campfire, an exchange of electrical voltages could always reach the earth from the body.

Now you can get the same benefits, only not having to sleep on the floor. You can sit relaxed in your bed and still enjoy the soothing grounding, like our ancestors did hundreds of years ago.

Use the grounding bed sheet and see for yourself the benefits for your well-being.

Anyone who has slept on this grounding sheet will attest. It almost feels like a light, pleasant tingling sensation. If you can feel the tingling, it means that the body is discharging itself from stressful tension and immersing itself in the well-filling grounding through a holistic relaxation of the body.


Selling in Europe