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Earthing Half Sheet – Grounding Bed Set of Silver Fiber Fabric Including Grounding Cord + 2 Elastic Suspenders


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People are losing more and more contact with the earth. They feel tired, exhausted and can not sleep properly. The reason is tension in the body. With the grounding procedure you can reduce these harmful voltages.

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"Earthing half sheet bed set with grounding cord and suspenders"

5 Ohm/ inch
Cotton/Silver percentage
Pure Silver Threads

The Earthing Half Sheet Set

Earthing half sheetWith this set you get an earthing half sheet made of pure cotton with silver threads. The size is 94 x 35 ”

In addition, you get a grounding cord. This can be attached to the intended push button on the earthing sheet.

To fix the earthing sheet we supply you with 2 elastic suspender. With this suspenders you can fix the Earthing Sheet on your mattress. So it can not slip and you sleep comfortably.

The advantages are apparent

The effect is terrific and you’ll be amazed at the benefits of the Earthing Half Sheet Set. Some advantages are:

  • improves sleep
  • reduces inflammation
  • boosts hearth health
  • relieves stress
  • restores hormonal balance
  • slow aging

The Earthing Half Sheet uses the power of the mother earth

You see the Earthing half sheet set offers you pure health. Everything thanks to the power of the mother earth. Even naturalists repeatedly point to the importance of the earth.

Why is contact with the earth important?

Earthing half sheet

The earth has a consistent rhythm and vibration. this vibration takes on our body and the heart beats in this rhythm. In case of disturbances we have lost our rhythm and get out of balance. When connecting to the earth, we go back in sync with the planet Earth.

Indigenous people suffer very little from heart problems. Doctors expect a better diet. But the constant contact with the earth can also be responsible for it. People who live in nature often go barefoot. So always in contact with the earth

What are you waiting for? Order an Earthing Half Sheet Set today and connect to Planet Earth.


Selling in US