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Earthing Half Sheet – Grounding Bed Set of Silver Fiber Fabric Including Grounding Cord + 2 Elastic Suspenders


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Reclaim the natural energy that can be gained through proper grounding. Start your grounding therapy now.

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"Earthing half sheet bed set with grounding cord and suspenders"

5 Ohm/ inch
Cotton/Silver percentage
Pure Silver Threads

The earthing grounding half sheet to connect with earth

The earthing grounding half sheet is perfect for grounding the body over a longer period of time. It is best to sleep on the grounded bed sheet so that you are connected to the earth throughout the night.

earthing half sheet

With this earthing half sheet you get an bed sheet made of pure cotton with silver threads. The size is 94 x 35 ”

In addition, you get a grounding cord. This can be attached to the intended push button on the earthing sheet.

To fix the earthing sheet we supply you with 2 elastic suspender. With this suspenders you can fix the Earthing Sheet on your mattress. So it can not slip and you sleep comfortably.

The advantages are apparent

The effect is terrific and you’ll be amazed at the benefits of the Earthing Half Sheet Set. Some advantages are:

earthing grounding half sheet

Earthing sheet for single bed or king size bed

The Earthing Half Sheet uses the power of the mother earth

You see the grounding sheet set offers you pure health. Everything thanks to the power of the mother earth. Even naturalists repeatedly point to the importance of earthing.

Why is contact with the earth important?

The earth has a consistent rhythm and vibration. This vibration takes on our body and the heart beats in this rhythm. In case of disturbances we have lost our rhythm and get out of balance. When connecting to the earth, we go back in sync with Mother Earth.

earthing grounding half sheet

Washing and ironing the earthing sheet

How to start with the grounded sheet for bed??

The principle of the grounding sheet is very easy to explain. It is plugged into an outlet because outlets usually have an earth connection. If your outlet doesn’t have a grounding because it was built before 1945, you can use a grounding rod instead of the outlet and enjoy the natural grounding from the garden.

Assuming you have a grounded outlet, plug the grounding wire into the grounding pin hole of your outlet.

Lay the grounding sheet on your mattress and fasten the grounding sheet with the supplied sheet clamps. The grounding sheet should lie on top of your mattress and also over your usual bed sheet. Your skin should be in direct contact with the grounding sheet to ensure the best grounding.

Once you have fixed the grounding sheet, connect the grounding cord to the grounding sheet. Voila! You have a grounded bed sheet and can now enjoy the wonderful effects of Earthing.

earthing grounding half sheet

Women sleep deep and relaxed on the earthing sheet.

The grounded sheet can be left connected all day because grounding is free and doesn’t cost a penny. Now that you have understood everything, you should immediately get such an earthing kit and start earthing right away. Nasafes wishes you lots of fun with your grounding sheet and a restful night’s sleep.


Selling in US