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Bulk orders welcome

We offer discounts of 35 to 40%. Starting with a minimum order of 50 pieces. Whether ready-packaged products for resellers, or the Nasafes shielding fabric attractively priced straight from the roll (MOQ 50 yards). Due to our well-branched logistics structure, we can offer you convenient door-to-door delivery.


Benefits of using Nasafe’s products for manufacturers

By using our products as a product add-on or component in one of your products, you increase the market value of your own products.

Benefits of using Nasafes for resellers

There are many marketplaces and online stores where you can get started as a reseller. Order our products with high discounts and sell them on other online platforms. Our experienced logistics network is available here and also applies personalized shipping labels.

Write us an e-mail with the preferred product and order quantity. If you have special requests, please include them in the e-mail and our friendly staff will do their best to find the best solution for you.


faraday fabric by the yard and a hand which holding this roll of faraday fabric.

Conductive fabric on roll

Conductive fabric individually packed

Order our famous conductive fabric in bulk. Either in the classic version as an individually packaged product, or on a roll for much larger quantities.

Download the conductive fabric pricing sheet now.

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