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Nasafes Grounding Mission

Back to earth

We want to enable people to connect with the earth and enjoy the wonderful benefits that Mother Earth can offer. Physical contact to earth via grounding is essential.

Nasafes Grounding Mission


How it works?

We have 2 ways to provide you contact with the earth.

1. With a grounding rod as you can see in the image above.

1. Or with a electrical outlet. Read more

Note: grounding with the grounding rod is always the better option.



Convince yourself of the grounding power of our products

In the following video it is shown that simply touching our Grounding Cord immediately reduces the body’s electrical tension. It is impressively shown how effectively and quickly our grounding products work. This grounding cord can also be used to ground electrical devices. Devices such as antennas, microphones, speakers or other sensitive devices.


Electrical Outlet Grounding PinHow is it possible to ground with the electrical outlet?

Grounding via an electrical outlet initially sounds dangerous to many people because the electrical outlet is always associated with electricity.

That is partly true. Electrical current flows in a socket to power devices. But not only electricity flows through a socket, but also a ground. The grounding serves to protect electrical devices. We can also use this grounding in the sockets just for grounding.

It is possible thanks to the grounding pin that is installed in almost every socket. If your socket does not have this grounding pin, then it is also not suitable for earthing. The ground pin is connected by a wire that goes deep into the ground beneath the house. This means that grounding is also possible on the 10th floor of a high-rise building.

Nasafes brings grounding to the people

Since almost every socket has a grounding, we can bring grounding to everyone. The connection is less complicated than plugging a TV into the socket. Discover now the wonderful function of grounding for yourself.


Nasafes grounding and earthing

Grounding can therefore be carried out very easily by anyone at home. A simple socket is sufficient or you can use the grounding rod presented above to achieve an even more natural grounding.

Nasafes Grounding from the garden

A natural ground from the garden is the best solution when it comes to grounding the body or equipment. It doesn’t matter how far away the garden is. The length of the supplied cable is 60ft and is long enough to reach gardens that are far away. The cable can be put right through the window because it’s so thin and pliable.

Nasafes Grounding with the Grounding Rod

Anyone who asks how the grounding rod is best placed in the ground will be surprised by the simplicity. A hammer and a simple piece of wood are sufficient to get the copper rod into the ground.

The wood serves the simple purpose of not damaging the hole at the end of the copper rod, because this is where the male banana plug will be inserted later.

Nasafes Grounding is plug and play

During development, we made sure that all parts can be easily assembled. Even by users who otherwise have little experience with installations. With our grounding rod we use the screw and plug principle, which is really easy to use.

When the grounding rod is in the ground

If the grounding rod is then in the ground, you can simply connect the cable using the male banana plug and pull the cable to the desired grounding target.

Now comes the second special feature of our grounding rod. The other end of the cable has an alligator clip, which can be connected to any imaginable grounding target thanks to its practical handling.

Possible connection options for the grounding rod are:

– Portable Generator
– Electric Fence
– Earthing sheet
– Grounding Mat

If you already have a grounding sheet or grounding mat for the socket, you can simply retrofit the grounding rod kit. Simply connect the plug of your earthing cable to the alligator clip of our grounding rod and you can use the natural grounding from the garden. You can continue to use your usual grounding mat.

The Nasafes Grounding rod Kit is a very flexible add-on for many purposes. Wherever grounding is needed, the grounding rod kit can provide grounding.