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Nasafes conductive fabric

Nasafes has specialized in grounding after years of manufacturing shielding for the aerospace sector. The shielding consists mainly of absorbing Faraday fabric, which can shield electromagnetic waves and other interfering signals.
Due to its proximity to aerospace, NASAFES has always been able to make use of and anticipate new innovations.


Grounding for Astronauts

An astronaut grounding himself upon returning to Earth

Why did NASAFES start grounding?

The reason for specializing in grounding comes from the realization that astronauts needed grounding therapies after space travel.

Grounding for Astronauts

Astronauts complained of restlessness, headaches, fainting spells upon arrival to Earth. It turns out that by purposefully grounding the astronauts, the symptoms had improved after a few hours.

Accordingly, NASAFES funded the development of appropriate grounding products to meet the needs of these therapy tools.

Grounding can help not only the astronauts, but also all other people who do not have sufficient physical contact with the earth.

Grounding for all people

Since we have recognized that a longer lack of physical contact with the earth can lead to problems, people on earth should also deal with this important topic. Of course, the astronauts’ symptoms can also be related to the weaker earth’s magnetic field. However, the relief that astronauts have felt during Grounding Therapy cannot be dismissed.

Modern human way of life reduces grounding

Honestly, who still walks barefoot through the city? Hardly anyone still walks around barefoot and uses their feet to ground themselves. In addition, there is the constant carrying of the smartphone, which generates additional electrical voltages.

What do sports shoes have to do with grounding?

NASAFES noticed that with the introduction of synthetic soles, the grounding of the entire population became worse. But a person can not only ground themselves through their feet, but through almost every part of their body.

What options are there for grounding?

We offer 2 basic ways that have proven to be extremely effective. You can read about them at Our Mission. Our close ties to development laboratories allow us to incorporate the latest findings into the production of our products.