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Emf Protection Fabric – Big Size 36″ X 42″, Conductive Fabric, Faraday Fabric, EMI, Anti Radiation, EMP, RFID, EMF Shielding, Cell Phone Signal Blocking, Block WiFi


Selling in US, JP, AUS, CA and Europe

Protect yourself and your family against dangerous smart meter radiation. Smart meter means smart self-harm. Act now!
smart meter protection

Overall Rating


"Conductive fabric for best protection"

0.028 Ohm/sq
42.4 "
36.2 "
Shielding Effec. 0 1000 Mhz
Average 75 dB
Shielding Effec. 1200 - 4000 Mhz
Average 55 dB
Copper /Nickel Percentage
Up to 20%
Polyester Percentage
Up to 80%

1-2-3 Action Plan Protect your home against EMF in 3 steps

Imagine you are sitting in the living room with your family. All family members are happy because home is a place of security.

However, what you cannot see with your eyes is the danger that all family members are in.

EMF, RF and other electromagnetic waves radiate invisibly in front of your eyes through the bodies of your loved ones. The cells of your children, your partner and also your own cells are vibrated in the most extreme way, while the EMF’s sweep through the cell tissue of your body.

  • No parent wants to expose their children to radiation.
  • No one wants his partner to be continuously damaged by the smart meter or cell phone tower.
  • No pet owner wants such a penetration to his beloved pets.

Then why are you doing it?

Act now against electromagnetic radiation

Wrap everything that can produce electromagnetic radiation. These are:

  • Smart Meter
  • Cellphones
  • WiFi router

Action plan

1. Start by generously shielding the wall of the Smart Meter from the inside with the Faraday Fabric. Alternatively, the smart meter can also be wrapped.

stop smart meter radiation

2. Put your smartphone in airplane mode overnight. This deactivates a large part of the radiation. If you want to be on the safe side, make smartphone cases from the faraday fabric. That is very easy. Take a look at the video instructions Make cell phone blocking bag in 60 seconds.


3. Get a mechanical outlet timer and connect the router to it. Then set the times when the router should be switched off. For example from 11pm to 6am. At this time, your home is free of wifi and your body can relax.

You can act immediately. All you need is our Faraday Fabric and a timer. Time is running out, you owe it to your family and you are worth taking care of your health.


Selling in US, JP, AUS, CA and Europe