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Smart Meter Shield in 3 Easy Steps

Smart Meter Shield

1. Reduce the radiation source of the Smart Meter with a Smart Meter Guard. It is a round cover that is simply placed over the smart meter. Alternatively, Faraday Fabric can be used. To do this, wrap the Faraday Fabric over the Smart Meter and tie the Faraday Fabric.

2. In order to produce an optimal smart meter shield, we have to shield the wall behind the smart meter. To do this, use the Faraday Fabric. The wall should be shielded generously. Use a wallpaper glue or alternatively a conductive tape to attach the Faraday Fabric. A suitable wallpaper glue is Roman Pro 880 because it can be thinned easily and is easy to apply.

First coat the wallpaper glue on the wall. Then put the Faraday Fabric on the wall, starting from the top left of the ceiling. The second piece of Faraday Fabric comes directly below with a 1 “overlap. The overlap should also be glued with wallpaper glue.

3. To ground the whole wall you should connect a grounding cord. To do this, use the alligator clip and attach the alligator clip to a corner of the Faraday fabric. The entire wall is thus grounded. Now you are optimally protected against smart meter radiation