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Grounding Cord – 16.4 Foot – Ground Cable for EMF Protection Fabric & Anti Static Mat – 3-Prong Gator with Alligator Clip – Easy Earth Ground Plug and Play into Outlet


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The ideal solution to bring grounding to wherever it is needed. With this grounding cable you can discharge electrical voltages. This is done via the grounding unit of your outlet. The installation is very easy. Connect the alligator clip to the antenna, audio device, shielding mat or grounding mat and plug into the outlet. Almost all technical devices can be safely grounded.

The grounding cord alligator clip is also very suitable for grounding therapies.

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"The best grounding cord alligator clip"

16.4 foot
5 Meters
Easy installation
2 Step installation
highly conductive

grounding cord alligator clip

grounding cord alligator clip detail view

Use a ground wire alligator clip for your grounding projects

The grounding cable with a socket plug and an alligator clip, in combination with a normal socket, offers the possibility to ground all devices or grounding sheets quickly and easily. The grounding cable can be easily plugged into sockets. It’s 16.4 feet long, allowing you to reach every corner of a room with the cord.

Anyone who operates equipment such as audio, antennas or other devices knows the importance of grounding and that ungrounded equipment can cause interference. With this grounding cable, you can quickly and easily ground anything you want. The plug can be plugged directly into the socket without complicated electrical work – Find out here why the nasafes grounding cord can be used so easily with a standard socket.

grounding cord alligator clip

Grounding cord with alligator clip in detail

This ground wire has been tested and verified to be effective. The plug looks like a regular 3 prong plug, but inside only the large round ground pin is connected to the cable.

The ground wire itself is 1.2mm tinned copper wire and the 3 pron plug fits into standard American outlets. The 100 K OHM protection is built in for security and ensures optimal overvoltage protection.

Grounding Cord - 16.4 Foot - Ground Cable for EMF Protection Fabric & Anti Static Mat - 3-Prong Gator with Alligator Clip - Easy Earth Ground Plug and Play into Outlet - 3

The need for grounding cables is very diverse. Many users of ground wire use it for devices such as antennas or audio equipment. These sensitive devices in particular cause hum or background noise if the grounding is not sufficient.

Grounding cables are also required when working on sensitive computers or laptops. If you often work on computers, then you should take a look at our grounding bracelet.

Not only devices can be earthed, but also people and especially earthing sheets. These sheets are made of cotton with silver threads and can be easily attached with an alligator clip.

Watch the Grounding Cord Test and Proof Body Grounding Video

In the video you saw how effective our grounding cable is. As soon as you touch the cable, your body is grounded. The test was measured with a multimeter. Why are you waiting? Order the nasafes grounding cord today and benefit from the effective grounding performance.


Selling in US, CA