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Grounding Cord, Ground Cable, Grounding Wire, Ground Wire, Grounding Strap, Ground Strap, Grounding Cable, ESD, Grounding Bracelet, Anti Static Wrist Strap with 3-Prong Plug, Alligator Clip


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The new Grounding Cord is completely different from conventional Grounding Cords. It is versatile and can even be turned into a grounding wrist strap if needed. With this Grounding Cord Set you have the right cable for all purposes.

Overall Rating


"All in one package Grounding Cable"

2.9ft to 16.4ft
90 cm up to 5 meters
Easy installation
2 step installation
Best Quality
Grounding Cord and Wrist Strap

Grounding cord to ground conductive fabrics or your body. The ground cord have a stretchable spiral cable from 3ft to 16.4ft. It has a PUR insulation an alligator clip, anti static wristband and a 3-prong style plug of type B. Use the earthing cable for anti static mats for laptop or tablet.


The cord can also be attached to the wrist. To do this, use the included Wrist Strap. Thus, you can optimally earth while working or while relaxing on the couch.  Or you use a cotton silver fiber fabric and earth it with the grounding cable while sleeping in bed.  Excellent for absorbing electromagnetic waves from smart meters and other EMF sources! Also turntables can be grounded with it. Easy to use. Simply clip the alligator clip to the shielding fabric and plug the 3-prong style plug into the socket or put on the esd strap and plug the 3-prong style plug into the socket to ground you body.

If you only need a grounding cord with an alligator clip and a 3-prong plug, then have a look at our other ground cable.