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Earthing bed sheets

Delivering solutions for improving sleep.

Ground your body with grounding sheets during the night to wake up fresh and energetic in the morning.

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Grounding cords

Setting the standards for modern grounding.

Provides quick grounding anywhere and in a direct way. For devices, antennas, audio or for people.

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Nasafes Grounding Mission

Grounding rods

Providing the most efficient grounding solution.

The most natural way to ground. A copper rod straight into the ground. For generators, electric fences or for people.

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Nasafes designs, manufactures and delivers innovative solutions with the aim of pioneering the sustainable connection with the Earth (Gaia) for a healthy and harmonious world – taking full advantage of its decades of experience and extensive aerospace expertise.

Customers around the world rely on the innovative products and services of the company, which spans the segments Grounding, Earthing, Shielding – with new Nasafes innovations constantly being developed.