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Grounding Sheets for Earthing Queen Bed, Earthing Grounding Sheets for Improving Sleep, Fitted Earthing Sheet Grounding for Better Working and Help with Anxiety, Organic Cotton & Silver Fiber

Discover the transformative power of Queen Bed Grounding Sheets for Earthing. These fitted sheets, measuring 60″ by 80″ with a 12″ deep pocket, come with a 15 ft grounding cord. Crafted from 95% organic cotton and 5% silver fiber, they offer unmatched comfort and breathability. Their premium elastic ensures a secure fit throughout the night. Experience profound health benefits, including better sleep, reduced stress, increased energy, improved circulation, and less inflammation. Setup is a breeze – simply snap the grounding cord onto the sheet and plug the other end into a grounded wall outlet. Rest easy with added safety features.

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95% organic cotton

Unveil a new level of sleep quality and overall well-being with Queen Bed Grounding Sheets for Earthing, meticulously designed to offer comfort, ease of use, and health benefits.

The Perfect Fit for Your Queen Bed

Measuring a generous 60″ by 80″ with a 12″ deep pocket, these grounding fitted sheets are tailored for queen-sized beds. The package includes one fitted earthing sheet and a 15 ft grounding cord, offering comprehensive grounding coverage. Note that pillowcases are not included.

Crafted from Premium Materials

Our earthing sheets are constructed from a harmonious blend of 95% organic cotton and 5% silver fiber. This unique combination results in a fabric that is exceptionally soft, breathable, and comfortable. Moreover, the premium elastic surrounding the fitted sheet ensures a secure and slip-free fit throughout the night. You can finally bid farewell to sheets that bunch up or pop-off during your sleep.

Unlock Health Benefits through Grounding

When connected to the Earth’s natural electron current, users often report experiencing numerous positive health benefits. These include deeper, higher-quality sleep, reduced stress levels, increased energy levels, improved circulation, and decreased inflammation. Grounding has been recognized as a simple yet powerful way to promote overall well-being.

Effortless Setup and Safety Assurance

Setting up your grounding sheet is hassle-free. Simply snap one end of the grounding cord onto the designated spot on the sheet and plug the other end into the ground port (third hole) of a standard wall outlet. To ensure safety, our grounding cords are designed with a built-in (molded in) in-line current limiting 100k ohm resistor. This crucial feature protects users in the event of a short circuit in an electrical device, limiting the current flow to a safe level.

Ideal for All Ages and Sleep Concerns

Queen Bed Grounding Sheets for Earthing are suitable for individuals of all ages, including the elderly, young children, pregnant women, and babies. They are especially beneficial for those struggling with poor sleep quality, as grounding can significantly enhance the overall sleep experience.

Discover the profound impact of grounding on your sleep quality and well-being with these Queen Bed Grounding Sheets for Earthing. Enjoy a restorative night’s sleep, reduced stress, and revitalized energy levels while prioritizing your health. Make the conscious choice to elevate your sleep experience today.