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Food Display Wooden Skewer Holder For Appetizer Skewers. Impress your Guests And Serve Your Skewers For Fruit Kabobs Or Cocktail Sticks On This Food Skewer Holder Made Of Light Brown Oak Wood


Impress your guests with this oak wood skewer holder. What makes it special are the 45 skewer holes that can hold a variety of cocktail sticks.

Food display as a skewer holder

Similar to a skewer holder bamboo, this food stand for party is made of real wood and presents the appetizers in an unprecedented way. Guests can have a better look at the delicious canape sticks and always have clean fingers.


Food display including 90 cocktail skewers

Each appetizer skewers holder comes with 90 cocktail sticks. 45 cocktail sticks with a length of 6″ and 45 appetizer skewers with a length of 8″

You can get started with the catering buffet display right away at your next party. Equip bamboo skewers with delicious treats and present them upright next to each other on the wooden skewer holder.

Food display for canape sticks

Anyone who organizes a party wants to offer their guests something special. With the appetizer holder you can offer the guests a small snack.

Food Display as Kabob Holder

Not only appetizer skewers 4 inch can be used, but also kabob skewers. There are no limits to the imagination. The skewer stand can present anything tasty. It doesn’t matter if it’s hearty or sweet.

The natural oak wood suits almost every decoration. The grain of the wood gives the skewer board a natural touch. Anyone who already has a skewerr holder bamboo should take a closer look at the oak wood. it is even more woody and complements any interior design. In addition, it looks wonderful on a catering table and makes the whole ensemble appear more relaxed. The presentation of the food can thus get a new touch and look even more appealing. The guests will be delighted.