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Grounding rod for generator

uturGrounding rod for generator users keep asking the following questions related to grounding portable generators. We have compiled and answered the most important questions.

Do I need a grounding rod for my generator?

The question is easy to answer because if the portable generator supplies power in the form of electrical energy to a home, office, business premises or caravan, it must be connected to a grounding system such as a grounding rod.

generator grounding rod kit


How long should a grounding rod be for a generator?

Of course one should adhere to local regulations which suggest a depth of 8ft. In the case of smaller bonded neutral portable generators, grounding can be dispensed with in exceptional situations. This can be looked up in the operating instructions for the device. Basically, a grounding rod is safer and therefore recommended to avoid making mistakes.

Why do I need to ground my generator?

Most generators must have a good and professional grounding. Because the operation of generators can result in unwanted current flows that can appear in the wrong places. Wrong places are switches, relays, or other circuits where the flow of current can cause harm to people, animals, or equipment. In short, an ungrounded generator can electrocute you if you touch a switch.

What happens if the portable generator is not grounded?

In the worst case, an electric shock can happen because the generator housing is not grounded. It can also cause significant damage to the equipment, rendering the generator unusable. To avoid such risks, the nasafes generator grounding rod kit can be used. The kit is handy and in the ground in no time. Pulling out is also easy if you follow our pull out grounding rod instruction.

What is the best way to ground a portable generator?

If the portable generator is used for an office, school or hospital, a heavy-duty extension cable must be used. This cable should be equipped with a 3-wire flexible cable and 3-pin cable connector. Also, be sure to use the GFCIs recommended by the manufacturer. Further information here.

If it is just a smaller portable generator that is not intended to power a school or hospital, then the nasafes generator grounding rod can be a good choice. The ground rod is portable like the generator. This means that you can easily pull out the ground rod and use it again next time. This is a very high cost saving.

Check out the Nasafes Generator Grounding Rod here, good for smaller portable generators.

generator grounding rod kit

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