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Pull out ground rod super fast

Pull out ground rod isn’t that easy once it’s in the ground. After all, it was pounded into the ground with a hammer, so it’s not that easy to pull out again. If you want to know how to easily get a grounding rod out of the ground, you should read the article to the end.

The easy way to get the Ground Rod out

One thing in advance. Getting a conventional grounding rod out of the ground is far too difficult. That’s why we show you which groung rod to use to make figuring out a grounding rod a breeze.

Pull out ground rod

There is a trick how you can get the grounding stick out of the solid ground super easily without having to use a lot of force. For this it is necessary that you use the generator grounding rod kit from nasafes.

pull out ground rod

Now you can easy pull the grouding rod out of the ground. By using a steel cable and eyelet you can get the grounding rod out.

Only the nasafes grounding rod kit has so-called couplers that connect the individual copper rods with each other. The real trick when getting it out, however, begins before you hit the grounding rod into the ground.

WATCH THIS VIDEO Check out the video of how to get out the ground rod out of the ground.

The prepare the grounding rod so that it can be easily pulled out.

Before hammering the stick into the ground, make a loop around the coupler. You tie a steel cable or a very strong rope to the coupler. This rope must be long enough so that it can later be tied to the lever.

How do you get the ground rod out of the ground again?

With the ground rod in the ground and the rope tied around the coupler, wrap the end of the rope around a lever. The lever can be made of any material. The main thing is that it is stable and does not break easily.

Once everything is prepared, you simply push the lever up and thus quintuple its power thanks to the high leverage. Remember, the longer the lever, the greater the force pulling the ground rod out of the ground.

Depending on how many extension rods are attached, you may need to tie the loop back to a deeper coupler. Voila, now you know how to easily get the nasafes ground rod out of the ground.

Our ground rod is specially designed to be pulled out of the ground more often because you need flexibility with a portable generator or portable electric fence. We know this and have attached a 65ft cable that will allow you to ground a large radius. Click here for our generator grounding rod.

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