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How do you ground yourself with a grounding bracelet?

A grounding bracelet is the easiest way to ground yourself. It is very practical and can be used anywhere. When grounding with a grounding bracelet there are 2 options.

1st option

grounding bracelet

Woman working on laptop with a grounding bracelet.

You use a grounding cord with a wristband. This grounding cord is simply plugged into the socket. Grounding each outlet effectively grounds the body.

It can be used anywhere. Well suited for the workplace, the couch, or other places where sockets are available.

Only the ground pin is connected, the other two pins are not connected and therefore cannot transmit any current. So safe to use!

Here you get to the grounding cord with bracelet >


2nd option

With this grounding wristband you can connect the grounding rod and ground yourself.

The more natural variant is a grounding bracelet with a grounding rod. Here you put a grounding rod in the ground (preferably in the garden), lead the cable into the apartment and connect the grounding bracelet to the cable. This type of grounding gives you peace of mind that the grounding is natural.

No matter which variant you should choose, we offer both variants. A grounding bracelet with grounding cord and plug, as well as a grounding rod with grounding bracelet.

Here you get to the grounding rod >




Grounding Bracelet

Woman ground herself with a grounding bracelet on the couch.

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