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Frequently asked questions


Emf Protection Fabric - BIG Size - 36.2 X 42.4 inches - Magnetic Shielding - Block Wifi - EMF Fabric - RFID - Anti Radiation - Conductive Fabric - Copper and Nickle - Very Thin 0.03 inches - 4


How do I test the protection fabric with an EMF meter?

The electric fields do not disappear. They are absorbed by the protection fabric. Therefore, in the test lot is to be noted. Do not measure close to the protection fabric. Please keep sufficient distance when measuring. The blocked electromagnetic fields are located in the protection fabric and therefore they will also measure radiation with an EMF meter near the protection fabric. That’s completely normal, since the protective material absorbs the radiation and prevents the spread.


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How does the protection material work?

The principle is quite simple. The protective material includes a woven fabric of Nickel-plated copper. This tissue is incorporated into polyester. The nickel alloy serves to protect the copper from corrosion. Electromagnetic fields are absorbed by copper / nickel . The electromagnetic fields are not be destroyed or erased. The EMF fields are absorbed by the protective material and prevented spread.

It is a barrier to electromagnetic fields.

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I sleep next to a electrical outlet. Is it possible that the outlet radiates EMF waves?

In sockets , it all depends on how well the cable are connected. Especially as there are many different compounds in sockets. With poor cable connections, electromagnitic fields may arise.


How do I block the radiation in a electrical outlet?

You can directly attach the protective material in front of the outlet on the wall. The important thing is the contact with the ground. The protective material should lightly touch the ground in order to have sufficient grounding.

When you sleep please hold while sleeping at least 30 cm away from the protection fabric. This is important, because the protection material absorbs electromagnetic radiation and is light radiation present in the immediate vicinity.

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Does the protection fabric need a grounding?

When the protective material is in direct contact with the ground, it does not need to be grounded. However, if you attaching the protection fabric in the middle of the wall, you should prepare contact with the ground. Therewith the absorbing function of the protection fabric is supported. For grounding any current material can be used. Simple electrical cable or commercially available grounding cable can be used.


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