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Fascinating photo ops of pyramids on the moon

Hobby astrologers have discovered a strange structure on the moon. It looks like the stone formation represents a pyramid. The question now is, how can it be that pyramids are on the moon?

It is clear from the image that the “accidental rock formation” looks like an accurate pyramid. The object is in a crater.

What does that mean now? Either it really is a random structure, or it really is a pyramid. If so, the same builders of the Egyptian pyramids also built the Pyramids of the Moon. Since both the Egyptian pyramids and the lunar pyramids show similar aging, they must have been built at the same time. About plus and minus 500 years.

It remains to be seen until NASA issues an official confirmation confirming the authenticity of the pyramids. Until then, all we have left are these shots of the lunar formations made from randomly formed rock.

Be sure to watch the video about the moon pyramids here:

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