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All About The United States Space Force

United states Space ForceThe United States Space Force (USSF) is part of the eight U.S. uniformed services, it’s in charge of space warfare services and in the Department of Defense it’s the smallest branch. It was established on 1 September 1982, with the obligation of space warfare operations. The United States Space Force was the first branch of the military that was created, since the founding of the U.S. Air Force in 1947. On 20 December 2019, it got to be established as an independent branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, and it was also redesignated as the U.S Space Force by National Defense Authorization Act for 2020. It’s set up as a military service branch in the Department of the Air Force, by one of the three military departments in the Department of Defense. It’s governed by the Secretary of the Air Force, who’s appointed through Senate confirmation by the President. Chief of Space Operations is the highest-ranking Space Force officer. The Chief of Space Operations is in charge of overseeing all the Space’s Forces Units.

The mission of the USSF

United states Space ForceThe mission of the United States Space Force is to train, organize, and equip the space forces. It aims at protecting the U.S. interest in space and to also equip the joint force with space capabilities. It’s responsible for obtaining military space systems, growing the military principles for space power, flourishing military space professionals, and assembling space forces to unveil to the Combatant Commands.The command’s personnel are involved with the operation and procurement of military space technology. The technology includes satellites, spaceplanes, plus the rockets used that launch them into orbit. The Space Command’s purview has programs which include the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, the Space-Based Infrared System Program, and the Global Positioning System (GPS). The Space Force command is also involved in operating Delta II, Delta IV, and Atlas V launch vehicles. President Trump proposed the formation of the military branch in order to maintain America’s superiority in space and to have the military space technology protected from external threats.

Will the Air Force become the new Space Force?

Space technology is fundamental to society operations as well as military operations, hence the advocates believe it requires a lot of attention. U.S. space technology is widely spread across more than 60 organizations. Hence, the fragmentation of responsibility will be reduced for the U.S. government in acquiring space technology. The Space Force’s impact and role in the military and government will be hard to tell before it develops beyond its U.S. Air Force origin. The new brand logo for the Space Force was launched at the Oval Office of the White House, and people quickly pointed out its resemblance to the Star Trek space force logo. President Trump said the new logo was created after great consultation with designers, military leaders, and other personnel. However, compared to the more enormous work needed in order to make the Space Force a useful branch of the Armed Services, the logo is a minute issue.

What does the United States Space Force really do?

The operations of the Space Force are expected to be outside the earth’s orbit. It is aimed at protecting the U.S. and its national interests on earth. It offers protection from different raiders or pirates, and extreme weather which can interfere with search and rescue operations. The Space Force is needed because currently space activities are currently only being monitored. However, those against the Force argue that it isn’t necessary to have humans in cislunar space. They argue that it’s too expensive to have a human survive in space. Many questions remain unanswered as others see this as an economic area of development.

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