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Yonwold Organic Grounding Sheet 10% Silver for Bed Sleeping Therapy with Safest Ground Adapter and Connection Cord 27X52 INCH

Yonwold offers the Organic Grounding Sheet with an impressive 10% Silver Fiber content for superior sleep therapy. Unlike others with just 5% silver, this sheet ensures top-notch conductivity, fostering a deeper connection with Earth’s energy. Crafted through eco-friendly processes, it’s environmentally conscious from cotton seed to processing. The American grounding adapter prioritizes safety with plastic live and neutral wires and a conductive metal grounding terminal featuring built-in lightning strike prevention. The 15-foot grounded cord is durable and tear-resistant. Choose from various sizes and enjoy hassle-free installation with step-by-step instructions. Satisfaction guaranteed with Yonwold’s generous return policy.

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27" x 52"
10% Silver

Welcome to Yonwold, your trusted source for the groundbreaking Yonwold Organic Grounding Sheet. As a dedicated provider of innovative wellness solutions, they are proud to introduce a product that promises to elevate sleep therapy experiences like never before.

Superior Conductivity with 10% Silver

At Yonwold, they believe in offering nothing but the best. Unlike standard grounding sheets with a mere 5% silver content, the Organic Grounding Sheet boasts an impressive 10% Silver Fiber evenly distributed throughout its surface. This substantial increase in silver content translates to superior conductivity and heightened sensitivity. When the body comes into contact with the sheet, users experience a more profound connection with Earth’s natural energy. This ensures a truly restorative and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Eco-Friendly Production from Seed to Sheet

Yonwold’s commitment to environmental consciousness is unwavering. From the germination of cotton seeds to the meticulous processing of the fabric, every step of the sheet’s production is eco-friendly and health-conscious. Yonwold takes pride in offering a product that not only benefits well-being but also respects and protects the planet.

Safety-First Grounding Adapter and Cord

Safety is a top priority for Yonwold. The grounding sheet package includes an American adapter for grounding. The live wire and neutral wire are constructed from safe plastic materials, while the grounding terminal is made of conductive metal with a built-in resistance mechanism. This design effectively prevents lightning strikes and ensures a secure grounding experience. The 15-foot long grounded cord is a testament to durability, featuring tear-resistant material that guarantees a long-lasting product life, barring any strong external force damage.

Exceptional Durability and Variety of Sizes

Yonwold’s grounding products undergo rigorous testing for abrasion and cleaning. Even after 5000 rotating speed abrasion tests and 100 cleaning cycles, the organic grounding sheets maintain excellent conductivity and durability. They offer multiple size options, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for specific needs. Whether preferring the 27×52 inch size or requiring a larger one like Queen (60×80 inch) or King (76×80 inch), Yonwold has it covered.

Confidence in Product Quality

Yonwold stands behind the quality of their product with an exceptional return policy. No matter when the decision is made, be it a day, a month, a year, or even longer, if users are not fully satisfied, they can return it without any questions asked. This reflects Yonwold’s unwavering commitment to both product excellence and customer satisfaction.

Elevate sleep therapy with the Yonwold Organic Grounding Sheet – where enhanced conductivity meets eco-consciousness. Make the choice for better sleep today, backed by Yonwold’s commitment to quality and well-being.