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Skewer Holder for Baby Shower Party in White Oak Wood. Wooden Food Stand


Skewer Holder for baby shower party

This skewer holder is perfect for impressing your guests at the next baby shower party. The white color goes well with pink, as well as with blue. Therefore, this white food display is well suited for parties.

White wooden skewer holder for appetizer skewers

The white Food Skewer Holder has 45 holes in which you can put 45 skewers. There is something for every guest. Whether macaroons, cake or hearty kabobs. There are no limits to the imagination, because the skewer board can present all dishes in a stylish way.

Skewer Holder for Birthday

The white skewer plate is also suitable for birthdays, because pieces of cake can also be placed on the cocktail sticks. You can offer many different cakes and spoil the guests of the party.

Skewer Holder saves washing dishes after meals

Because the white skewer holder for baby showers serves with skewers, you save on cutlery. Guests can eat the appetizers straight from the skewer.

The Baby Shower Skewer Holder has a harmonious white color that will complement any elegant decor. The white food stand for skewers is a real eye-catcher and can offer variations of dishes in the smallest of spaces on the table.

Skewer Holder for Baby Shower Parties

If you would like to give a baby shower party, you should take a good look at the decoration. After all, the decoration should give a uniform picture. White decoration is recommended for baby shower parties because it can be combined with pink or blue. For this reason, the white sekwer board is particularly suitable because it blends in perfectly with any decoration and creates a uniform picture.
If you are still looking for the best baby shower decoration, you should take a look at this white skewer board.

With this white wooden board for skewers, every appetizer table is an eye-catcher and a welcome change for the guests. After the baby shower party there will certainly be a lot of talk about the great food. So if you want to offer cocktail sticks, put them in this skewer board.