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Mission Darkness Padded Utility Faraday Bag // Tactical Gear Bag with MOLLE Webbing and RF Signal Blocking Liner // Shields Delicate Electronics (Night Vision Goggles, Scopes, Cameras, Optics, Phones)

The Mission Darkness Padded Utility Faraday Bag is a versatile and military-grade solution designed for various applications. Whether you’re in military operations, forensics, prepping, hunting, or need data security, this faraday bag has you covered. It’s also perfect for grab-and-go missions, law enforcement forensic investigators, executive travel, and personal security.

Advanced Features or Mission Darkness Faraday Bag:

This faraday bag comes with a removable faraday liner featuring dual paired seam construction and two layers of high-shielding TitanRF Faraday Fabric. The outer shell is crafted from durable and water-resistant ballistic nylon and includes MOLLE webbing on three sides for attaching MOLLE-based packs, carabiners, and accessories. The bag’s design includes a removable padded insert with dividers, rubber feet on the bottom to protect it from damage, two unshielded side zipper compartments, and an adjustable carrying strap.

Shield and Protect Delicate Electronics:

With its military-grade construction, this bag effectively shields delicate electronics such as night vision goggles, WiFi-enabled rifle scopes, range finders, thermal cameras, DSLR cameras, and optics from potential harm. It also safeguards multiple cell phones, small tablets, GPS units, transponders, key fobs, or similar-sized devices from wireless signals.

RF Signal Shielding for Total Security:

The faraday liner provides comprehensive RF signal shielding, blocking WiFi (2.4 & 5GHz), Bluetooth, cell signals (including 5G networks), GPS, RFID, and radio signals from low MHz to 40GHz. This ensures protection against device hacking, tracking, spying, and chain of custody corruption.

Large Capacity with Removable Padding:

The inner dimensions without the padded insert are 16″L x 6″W x 7.5″H, while with the padded insert, the dimensions are 15.5″L x 5.5″W x 7″H. The padded insert offers about 1/2″ extra padding all around, providing extra protection for your valuable electronics.