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Metal Credit Card Holder – Handmade – Ultra Thin 0.15 inch – RFID Credit Card Protector – Stainless Steel Credit Card Holder – Credit Card Protector Sleeve

Real Handmade Credit Card Holder combines rfid safety with comfort. Cards are completely enclosed in stainless steel and therefore immune to illegal ID Hackers.

Overall Rating


"Handmade Stainless Steel Credit Card Holder"

100% pure stainless steel
RFID Protection
100% Protected
only 1.2 ounces
0.15 "
Number Cards
One Credit Card only
Fits in every wallet

Why you should own a Nasafes Metal Credit Card Holder

Protect your sensitive credit card data with a Nasafes credit card holder made from high quality stainless steel

What is RFID?

RFID is the technology embedded inside a credit card that facilitates contactless payments without the need for a PIN or any other data input.

How does RFID work?

An RFID chip is present inside every credit card and stores data such as credit card number and Pin number.

The risks of using RFID credit cards

Your data can be read with a simple scanner. Hackers are able to steal all relevant data from your credit card in a matter of seconds. Mostly a short period of contact from within a distance of just a few centimetres will suffice.

Hackers work is child’s play in very busy shopping centres because they can easily get into close physical contact with their victims unnoticed. Take a look at the following video to understand just how easy it is to read RFID credit cards.

Effective protection for RFID credit cards

Hackers have no chance of reading your data with a Nasa style credit card holder. The stainless steel holder blocks electromagnetic waves and prevents the RFID chip from being read.

Elegant Metal Credit Card Holder

The Nasafes credit card holder protects your bank data and provides you with an elegantly styled, high quality stainless steel credit card holder.

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