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Magnetic key holder under car is A Hiding Place Under Your Car, Magnetic Key Box is Splashproof and Smell Proof. Magnetic Hider Can Hide A Key for Your Car. Hide Small Objects in The Magnetic Box for Under Car

Magnetic stash box under car also ideal for a stash of things

This magnetic stash box is ideal for a stash of things you want to hide under your car. Whether cash, spare keys or GPS tracker. Everything can be transported in the smell-proof box.

Magnetic key holder under car cannot be seen at night

The black color makes this magnetic key box virtually invisible. Thieves cannot see where you are hiding and you can be sure that your valuables are well hidden.

magnetic key holder under car

This box is ideal for safely hiding things under the car. You can’t see the box because it’s black, making it virtually invisible at night. In addition, this box is magnetic, which guarantees easy attachment under the car. The box can carry and hide cash, spare keys, jewelry or other things.

Never forget your keys with the magnetic key holder

From now on you can no longer forget any keys, because the box can always be taken under the car and keeps your spare key ready in case of an emergency. Inside the box is soft foam that keeps your valuables safe. The closure is stable and prevents unintentional opening. So that the magnetic box sticks securely under your car, 2 strong magnets were used, which hold the box firmly and magnetically on your car. this prevents the box from falling off and stays securely in place.

So if you are looking for a place in the car where you can safely hide your valuables without being found, you should use this magnetic box. This box is placed outside the car and is therefore very cleverly hidden. Nobody suspects valuables outside the car. So you always have a place on the car where you can hide cash, for example. This can be helpful if you put cash in the box for a tank of fuel. So it can never happen that you sting at the gas station and have no money to fill up. But GPS trackers can also be safely placed in this box. For example, you want to know where the children who drove off in the car are now. The box is always on the car and the GPS tracker is safely protected in it.