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GroundLuxe Organic Fitted Grounding Sheet – for King Size Bed

Experience the comfort and wellness of an organic King size grounding fitted sheet. Crafted from certified organic cotton with conductive silver fiber for better sleep and well-being.

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Elevate your sleep quality and overall well-being with the GroundLuxe Organic King Size Grounding Fitted Sheet. Crafted from soft, high-quality 400 thread count certified organic cotton, this fitted bed sheet is designed for maximum comfort and long-term use. It’s the perfect addition to your sleep routine.

Conductive Silver Fiber:

Unlike traditional bed linens, this organic cotton sheet is woven with highly conductive silver fiber in a tight pattern. This ensures consistent contact throughout the night with the silver fiber, which is exceptionally conductive and durable. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that it’s virtually imperceptible to the touch, so you won’t even notice it’s there.

Easy Grounding Setup:

The sheet includes a 15-foot (4.6-meter) universal grounding cord that effortlessly plugs into the grounding port of a standard electrical outlet. It’s important to note that this sheet does not use electricity. The cord simply connects to the grounding port, located below the two slots, delivering the benefits of grounding without any electrical power.

Quality Assurance:

Each grounding sheet undergoes rigorous testing for quality assurance. For your peace of mind, clear instructions are provided on how to test every part of the grounding sheet using a multimeter. The commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, and the dedicated support team is always ready to assist with any questions or troubleshooting. Rest assured, the installation and use of these sheets are straightforward.

Experience the Benefits:

Scientific studies have demonstrated the numerous benefits of using grounding products. While individual experiences may vary, consistent use of these fitted sheets has the potential to enhance sleep quality, reduce stress, improve circulation, alleviate inflammation, and promote overall well-being. Please note that it may take up to 30 days of consistent use to notice these effects fully.

Various Sizes Available:

These King size grounded bed sheets are part of a comprehensive range that includes all standard bedding sizes, such as Queen, Full, Twin, Twin XL, and California King. Additionally, grounded pillowcases are available for a complete grounding experience. Please keep in mind that this listing is for a single fitted sheet, not a sheet set. Sleep comfortably and experience the benefits of grounding with the GroundLuxe Organic King Size Grounding Fitted Sheet. Your journey to better sleep and well-being begins here.