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Grounding Fitted Sheet Kit Queen Size 15″ Deep Pocket Earthing Fitted Bottom Sheet + Earthing Product Tester + U.S. Outlet Checker

Experience the benefits of earthing with our Queen Size Grounding Fitted Sheet Kit. Crafted from 10% pure silver thread and 90% organic cotton, this kit includes a deep-pocket fitted sheet, two earthing cords, an earthing product tester, and a U.S. outlet checker. Easily set up your grounding sheet by snapping the cords and testing the product’s conductivity. Ensure your safety with the outlet checker, verifying your power source is grounded. Washing and care instructions included. Discover deeper sleep, reduced stress, improved circulation, and overall well-being through the power of grounding with this comprehensive kit.

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Transform your sleep and well-being with the Grounding Fitted Sheet Kit Queen Size, a complete earthing set designed to reconnect you with the Earth’s natural energy. This comprehensive kit includes essential components to ensure a safe and effective grounding experience.

Complete Earthing Starter Kit

The Earthing Starter Kit includes a Queen Size Earthing Fitted Sheet, generously sized at 60 by 80 inches with a 15-inch deep pocket, ensuring a snug fit for your mattress. Crafted from a blend of 10% pure silver thread and 90% organic cotton, the fitted sheet is not only comfortable but also conductive, facilitating the flow of the Earth’s electrons into your body.

Easy Setup and Testing

Setting up your grounding sheet is a breeze. Simply snap Earthing Cord #1 onto your Grounding Sheet and plug the other end into a grounded socket. Your Grounding Sheet is now ready to ground you and support your well-being. For added assurance, snap Earthing Cord #2 onto the front of the Product Tester and attach the other end to a grounded socket. Place the Product Tester securely onto your Grounding Sheet. A solid green light in the indicator window confirms that your product is conductive, ensuring you receive the full benefits of grounding.

Safety First with Outlet Checker

Before using your Earthing product, it’s essential to confirm the grounding of your Type B three-prong wall outlet and/or power strip. The included U.S. Outlet Checker simplifies this task. Plug the Outlet Checker into the desired outlet or power strip. Two amber lights indicate a grounded connection, while other light combinations signify an ungrounded and unsafe source.

Washing and Care Instructions

Maintaining your Grounding Bed Sheet is simple and beneficial. Regular washing removes body sweat and natural skin oils from the silver, keeping it conductive and effective. You can wash your grounding sheet with confidence, knowing it won’t be harmed by the process.

Unlock the potential for improved sleep, reduced stress, enhanced circulation, and overall well-being with the Grounding Fitted Sheet Kit Queen Size. Reconnect with the Earth’s natural energy and experience the profound benefits of grounding, all conveniently provided in this comprehensive kit.

Note: Batteries (2 AAA) for the Earthing Product Tester are not included but can be easily sourced separately.