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Earthing Sheet – Big Size – 31.5 X 110 inches – Silver Grounding Fabric for Earthing Blanket, Pillow, Sleeping Mat, Grounding Pads for health – 100% Raw Cotton Fabric & High Conductive Silver Threads


Selling in US, Europe

There are many little bits of radiation all around you that are causing you to lose sleep. You will feel much better after a long night of sleep if you have chosen to use something like this new grounding sheet. You might not have realized how important this is until you looked a little bit more closely at these concepts.

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"Earthing Sheet for beds, making pillows or clothes"

5 Ohm/ inch
31,5 "
110 "
Cotton/Silver percentage
Pure Silver Threads

1. How Does Radiation Impact Your Sleep?

You have radiation coming from electronic devices every day, and these electronics could be all around you in neighboring spaces. Because of this, you are losing sleep. These little bits of radiation all add up to make you feel anxious and overwrought. You must have an earthing sheet that will help clear out much of that radiation for you.

2. What Does The Earthing Sheet Do?

The earthing sheet is something that allows you to ground your body and get out of the radiation that is floating all around. This means that you will have no more radiation going through your body when you sleep, and you tend to stay asleep because of the sheet. You also need to be certain that you have one of these on your bed for each person in the bed. They come with a small attachment that you could put on your arm, and your body remains grounded to the sheet instead of receiving all that radiation from the outside.

3. How Do You Shop For a Earthing Sheet Online?

You must shop for these grounding sheets online to save money, and you will find that there are many types of sheet that you might prefer to use. There are many sizes that might work for you, and you could even consider leaving one in the living room for the people who come by the crash on the couch. The earthing sheet from nasafes offers the best value for money.

4. Who Benefits?

You should use one of these mats for anyone in your family who has a hard time sleeping. They are probably not sleeping well because of all the radiation around them, and this is especially true of kids who have sensitive systems. They will not perform very well in school if they are having a poor night of sleep, and you will find that you could easily have one of these placed on every bed.

5. Conclusion

You can make pillows and sleepwear with this conductive fabric. The corners are sewn. For the correct application you still need a grounding cable.


Selling in US, Europe