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Earthing cable with alligator clip – antistatic ESD cable for static discharge, European schuko plug, ESD plug with 100K OHM lightning protection, 5 meters long


Selling in Europe

Earthing cable with lightning protection for european electrical outlets. Clicking on add to cart you will be guided to european amazon marketplace

This is the perfect ground wire for European sockets. The Schuko plug fits into all European sockets. Other countries with Schuko sockets can also use the grounding cable.

The grounding cable with alligator clip can be connected to all devices that require grounding. The 100K OHM lightning protection prevents overvoltages.

Also suitable as a grounding cable for emergency generators

The grounding from the socket can convince as a grounding cable for power generators. Even if there is no current in the socket, every socket has an earth connection that works even if there is no electricity. Extension cords also have built-in grounding. This means that grounding can be brought to and connected to the emergency power generator using an extension cable.

No ground stake necessary

If you are looking for a grounding cable for an emergency power generator, you do not need a grounding spike with cable for power generators, but can use a socket for grounding, even if there is no electricity on the socket. The grounding cable is connected to the necessary point on the emergency power generator using the alligator clip.

As you can see, the grounding cable can be used in many ways. Of course, grounding sheets, antennas, audio devices or similar can also be grounded with the 5 meter long cable.


Selling in Europe