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RFID Key Fob Pouch – Car Key Signal Blocking Bag – Protect against Signal Relaying – Keyless Entry Systems – Faraday Cage

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Luxury Key Fob Pouch for Keyless Entry Systems. There is TWO LAYERS of high quality SHIELDING FABRIC to the product. This means double protection because of the two different layers of shielding materials.

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optimal protection
easy snap closure

Protect yourself from auto theft

With cars that use ‘keyless systems’ there’s always a danger that thieves will intercept the key’s signal and use it to unlock the car. It’s important to remember that once the car is open, the key is not needed to start it.

How does auto theft occur?

Mostly, thieves work in pairs. Firstly, they check out cars in a car park and work out which ones use keyless systems. One of the thieves follows the owner with a scanner and tries to get into close contact. Mostly, a distance of a few metres suffices. He scans the signal from the key fob and transmits it to his accomplice who is already standing next to the car. The car recognises the signal and unlocks itself. This is known as ‘signal relaying’.

keyless entry

When you leave your car you should always put your fob into our key case to prevent the key from emitting its signal. It’s important to remember that even at home thieves can intercept the signal through the front door and steal your car from outside. Always put the key in its case when leaving your vehicle. In this way, you can effectively prevent it from being stolen.



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