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Nasafes is a leader in grounding and shielding. Years of experience in development pay off and important main components can be delivered to industry and end customers. In addition to conductive fabric by the yard, nasafes also offers smaller quantities to end customers. Nasafes products can be purchased in almost all online shops and are sold by resellers all over the world. In addition to emf protection fabric and faraday fabric, Nasafes offers a wide range of grounding products. This includes grounding cables in many variants, including grounding rods, to carry out grounding therapy or to ground electric fences or ground generators. Grounding sheets are also in the range so that the customer can also ground themselves at night. For larger quantities, just ask about our Whoolesale program and you will get excellent conditions for larger purchase quantities. Nasafes stands for the extraordinary and is constantly striving to develop new products in the field of shielding and grounding. If you are looking for a very special product, but haven’t found it yet, then our development department can use all their know-how to breathe life into your product. Just contact us and our friendly support team will be at your disposal with advice to make your project a success.