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Nasafes offers effective protection against electromagnetic radiation

High Quality processing have made it possible to manufacture mats with copper and nickel filaments woven into polyester fabric.


Do you know the 3 possible effects of radiation?


  • The production of melatonin can be disrupted. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the body’s day/night rhythm. Jet lag, for example, is frequently a symptom of disruption to the supply of melatonin to the body.


  • Increased sleep disturbance and tiredness. A person who has problems falling asleep, or who wakes often in the night, could serendipitously be sleeping over water veins or earth radiation.


  • Depression. You wake up in the morning and have no energy. When you just don’t feel like getting up, it could be that electromagnetic rays have impaired your brain activity.
What types of radiation are there at home?

anti radiation Many different sources of radiation can be present in the home and these can be divided into natural and artificial radiation.


Possible sources of radiation:

  • Earth radiation  ✓
  • Water veins  ✓
  • Earth’s magnetic field  ✓
  • Power grids  ✓
  • Wireless networks  ✓
  • Mobile phone towers  ✓


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anti radiation anti radiation


„There are many types of radiation that can have a negative effect on one’s health.“


It doesn’t matter whether we are exposed to earth radiation or electromagnetic rays from mobile phones: danger is all around us.“


What are Nasafes mats?

anti radiationBluetooth, wireless networks and antenna waves affect us night and day.

For this reason, the Nasafes mat offers effective protection against electromagnetic radiation. The technology was developed for the fields of medicine and space travel.

The material is made from copper and nickel filaments woven into polyester fabric.



Danger can be reduced 

The Nasa style mat offers highly effective protection against high frequency radiation. This means that by using Nasa style mats the danger presented by electromagnetic rays can be considerably reduced.

What are Nasafes mats made of?

electromagnetic radiationThe anti radiation mats measure 108cm by 92cm,(42,5″ x 36,2″) making an exact square metre. The copper and nickel filaments are worked into the polyester fabric to form a latticework pattern.


A special feature
Design and high quality processing have made it possible to manufacture very thin mats. The maximum thickness is anti radiationonly 0.09mm, therefore it can be used anywhere. The fact that the material is thin means that is also possible to cut the mat to size.




Possible uses for the anti radiation Nasafes mat


anti radiation


The Nasa style mat can be used anywhere and, to best effect, in places where we spend most of our time. This means, primarily, in bed. The Nasa style mat can be laid under the bed mattress. In this way, radiation coming from below can be reduced


anti radiation


Babies and small children are particularly susceptible to radiation. Putting a Nasa style mat in baby’s cot can reduce the risk of radiation


anti radiation


Pets are very sensitive to radiation. Dogs and cats become restless when they sense radiation. You can simply put a Nasa style mat in your dog or cat’s basket to reduce radiation penetrating from below.


anti radiation


A further possibility is to integrate the Nasa style material into the structure of your house. The anti-radiation mats can be mounted behind plasterboard. In the same way, Nasa style mats can be fully or partially integrated under tiles, parquet or other types of flooring.

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anti radiation anti radiation

Protect yourself today against dangerous electromagnetic radiation

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