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Welcome to the instructional video for our Grounding Mat. Before you use the Grounding Mat for the first time, I’d like to provide you with some general tips and guidelines. It is important that you follow the recommendations as this will give you the best use of the Grounding Mat.

Firstly, let’s discuss what you should do before your initial use. I’ll explain how the Grounding Mat works and demonstrate how you can test its functionality using a multimeter.

Since you’ll have direct skin contact with the Grounding Mat, it’s recommended to wipe the mat with a damp cloth for hygiene purposes. Remember to clean both sides of the mat.

Cleaning the grounding mat with a damp cloth for hygienic reasons.

Afterward, allow the Grounding Mat to dry and air out in a well-ventilated area for approximately 1-2 hours.

Here you learn what you can do if the grounding mat smell like chemicals. Let the grounding mat air out on the fresh air for about 1 to 2 hours.

Next, connect the grounding cord to the mat.

Plug the grounding cord to the grounding mat in order to get grounded.

Connect the other end to the grounding port of an electrical outlet.

Plug the male banana plug into the earthing pin of your electrical outlet.

If you were to test the mat’s conductivity with a multimeter as shown here, you wouldn’t receive a reading. But why is that?

Test the continuity of the grounding mat with a multimeter.

Our Grounding Mat is designed to mimic the conductivity of natural moist earth. While metals have continuous conductivity, natural moist earth, like what you see here, doesn’t exhibit direct conductivity. The multimeter displays zero, just like with our Grounding Mat.

The Grounding Mat have the same grounding benefits like natural moist soil. Get naturally grounded by the Nasafes Grounding Mat. Moist earth have good earthing benefits.

However, when you touch the ground, you experience grounding, as indicated by the decreasing value on the multimeter.

Embrace how moist soil can reduce electrical body voltage and wonderfully grounds the body. Walk barefoot on the ground to take advantage of these fantastic grounding properties.

The Grounding Mat possesses the same grounding properties and effectively reduces body voltage, as demonstrated here from 12 to 4. As you can see, our mat replicates the natural grounding properties of moist earth found in nature, but without the need for dirty hands. 😊

You can use the Grounding Mat for desk.

The grounding mat for desk is ideal for your working space in office or at home. You can get well grounded while working on your computer or laptop.

Use it as an grounding mat for bed.

Grounding mat earthing for bed. Place the grounding mat under your feets on top of your mattress and get well grounded in your bed.

or as a grounding foot mat wherever you prefer to spend your time.

Discharge negative ions of your legs and feets with this grounding mat. The grounding foot mat.

These were the most important points to consider when using the grounding mat. Now I wish you a pleasant and grounding experience with the Nasafes Grounding mat!