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Grounding Cord – 16.4 Foot – Ground Cable for EMF Protection Fabric & Anti Static Mat – 3-Prong Gator with Alligator Clip – Easy Earth Ground Plug and Play into Outlet

24,95 $


The ideal complement to our conductive fabric. With this grounding cable you are able to derive the Emf waves. This happens via the grounding unit of your power outlet. The installation is very simple. Connect the alligator clip to the shielding mat and insert the plug into the socket. Grounding mats in beds can also be grounded with our grounding cable. Similarly, pet stuff and technical equipment such as: laptop refrigerator can be grounded.

Overall Rating


"The best for Nasafes Emf protection fabric"

16.4 foot
5 Meters
Easy installation
2 Step installation
highly conductive